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William H.
MA Student and Teaching Assistant at FIU

I worked with J.C. for nine months and made some incredible progress with him. As my first life coach, I didn't know what to expect but was open-minded. I focused a lot on grounding myself, maintaining consistency, and holding myself to produce tangible results. We focused on those "what ifs" thoughts and channeled them into actual results. We also worked with the body, like doing yoga, and I'm pleased with my progress. I received the physical benefits like stretching and body awareness as well as the mental benefits like being calm, being aware, and being at peace. We made sure to celebrate and acknowledge my achievements, my shortcomings, and my milestones in between, because it is not the destination we seek but rather the transformation within that led me to where I am today. J.C.'s practices are difficult, but the results are substantial and well worth the effort.


Carolina Palomino
MHA candidate at SLU

J.C.’s coaching style is unique, transformative and full of love. I was very fortunate to have him be a part of my transformational process and I believe I could not have asked for a better coach. J.C. gave me the emotional support to break through one of the most difficult moments of my life. He helped me learn how to manage my pain and to realize that as with other emotions, it was a temporary tenant. It comes, it stays for a while and then it goes away. 

If I had to summarize my experience with J.C. in one word, I would choose ‘authenticity’. He’s the REAL DEAL! 😉


Maria de los Angeles Zapata
PhD candidate HR || MBA || Political Scientist

J.C. has the capacity to easily connect with other people. I believe it is more than just active listening. He was able to feel and understand beyond what I said, listening to what I was not saying with my words.


When you are in the process of healing, you need someone like J.C. He is the type of coach who will not just help you see what works and what doesn’t, but who will help you navigate the pain of seeing what is most uncomfortable, and who will help you be consistent in the healing process.


Thank you, J.C., for helping me look inside for the first time and quite literally, see myself!


Esmeralda Castrillon
Leadership Program Graduate

I enrolled in a transformational leadership program at a moment in my life when I had many internal limitations and fears that I was not aware of. Thanks to J.C.’s support I got to see them clear as day and learned how to overcome them and grew as a human being. His demeanor was always kind, sincere and respectful. That and his great ability to listen helped me build the self-confidence that I needed to open myself up to change my path in life.

With every task that he gave me, I was able to move forward one step at a time. Thanks to his support I got to break through my limitations and be free; feel more like MY TRUE SELF.

THANK YOU!!!! You are in my heart!


Christian Garcia de Vivanco
Business Administrator

I want to share the wonderful and transformative experience that I had with my coach J.C. Manning and the support I received from him. Thanks to him, I was able to accept myself as I am, work on my self-love and live in freedom. I still remember the physical exercises that he taught me how to do and in my computer files, I still have two music tracks that he gave me to help me connect with my inner-self. I still listen to them regularly.


All in all, I am thankful that he was there at that moment in my life and he will always have a special place in my heart.


Luis Alonso Jürgens
Systems Architect at BCP Bank

With the help of J.C., I learned a lot of things about being committed and believing that I can accomplish any and all the goals that lie before me. I learned that love and vulnerability are the keys to opening people’s hearts, so much so that in a couple of months I was able to forge a deep connection with other people in a leadership course; people who I had not known previously in my life. I learned that appearances can be deceiving, and that when faced with people who I used to categorize as being distant, some of them can actually be someone who is fully invested and willing to lend a hand, and even willing to let themselves be inspired by the love of a group of people they just met.

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Jed Jurchenko
Relationship and Entrepreneurship Coach

I enjoyed my time with coach J.C. He helped me clarify what to focus on first, set specific and measurable goals, and think through some ideas I needed to process. He also helped me solidify my learnings from each session and pushed me to take action. J.C., thank you for an excellent coaching experience!

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Carola Chinen
Professional Ontological Coach

J.C. was my coach while I was taking a leadership program in Lideratum (Leadership School). His support meant a lot. He helped me see my situation through different lenses. This helped me give a different spin to MY LIFE and from there, I went on a very unique journey that helped me ground myself on the earth, while feeling lighter inside. I learned to be responsible while still being authentic. His sessions were very revealing to me and thanks to that we were able to co-create new ways to live my vocation, which is what I am doing as I write this testimony.


Dalia Del Rio Timana
Labor Lawyer at SUNAFIL

Overall, a very good experience with J.C. He is not just a great facilitator of in-person personal development workshops, but his one-on-one conversations in coaching are great, too. His support helped me a lot during my personal growth journey. He helped me notice what was not working in my life and from there on, embody new ways to be, feel and do in my life. He is always very kind, with very precise powerful questions and always emanating an air of trustworthiness. I am very grateful to have worked with J.C. during what was my first experience in the world of coaching.

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