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Integral Transformational Life Coaching

Integral Transformational Life (I.T.L.) Coaching is the name I have chosen for the type of coaching I employ in my services. 

It is a blend that combines the tools, concepts and applications from Life Coaching, Ontological  Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Integral Coaching, and is designed to support you to integrally transform your life.

Life Coaching

Ontological Coaching

A type of Coaching that focuses on supporting a client develop personal and professional skills to achieve their goals using tools that focus on improving one's quality of life.

This type of Coaching focuses on studying the BEING (ontos) behind our behaviors in order to expand it, so that it mirrors the skills needed to create a lasting personal transformation.

In this discipline the BEING is characterized by the causative relationship between Mind, Emotion and Body.

Leadership Coaching

This form of Coaching is more results oriented and deals with vertical and horizontal relationships. As it names suggests it deals with leading others and primarily yourself.

Integral Coaching

This last one is essential because it is about INTEGRATION.

Making sure that the work is complete. This is why it deals with all aspects of learning new skills on ALL fronts. Within us, in our actions, in our relationships and in our different areas of life.

I.T.L. Coaching is designed to make the Impossible,

Possible and Tangible!

I.T.L. Coaching will help you to:

  • Restructure your belief system to reduce the impact of limiting beliefs and amplify new healthy ones.

  • Create coherence between mind, emotion & body to increase the potency of your words, actions & results.

  • Build an action-based response plan to achieve measurable and challenging goals.

  • Become self-accountable as you grow personally and professionally.

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